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Interior Decorating Tips For Every Homeowner

If you haven’t put much thought into your interior decorating before, you may think that it’s going to be a daunting task. However, some basic industry know-how can help you make the right decision to suit your home and your personal taste.

Decide On A Theme

You can use Pinterest or an internet search to find some inspiration. Choosing your theme involves selecting a style and colour palette to use throughout your home.

Although each room will look different, it’s good to decide on overall theme to guide your interior decorating throughout the home. A theme means that your home will feel connected and cohesive.

There’s no need for a theme to overwhelm your interior decorating plans. You only need to use a few elements here and there to benefit. You’ll still have the freedom to choose different décor for the kitchen and bathroom. A nod to your main theme will mean that it won’t feel jarring to transition from one room to the other.

Hallway With Grand Piano Pianted In Chartwell Green Colour
Maximalist Decor

Be Mindful With Clutter

We’re hesitant to suggest that you shouldn’t have any clutter at all. That statement would clash with those who’ve gone for a maximalist décor theme. However, to ensure that your clutter looks deliberate and stylish, be mindful about where you’re placing it.

Visually busy homes look best when the pieces have similar themes and colours. As well as that, cluttered areas can have better visual impact when sat in the middle of minimalist rooms.

Make Sure Your Interior Decorating Compliments Your Architecture

While the sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination, in reality, you’re going to be limited by the dimensions of your home. It’s all well and good finding grandiose chandeliers and modern art pieces. However, if they physically won’t fit below your ceilings you’re going to be left disappointed.

Keep Interior Decorating Throughout The Year

Once you’ve put together your décor, you don’t want to forget about it. You can change around your furnishings and decorations throughout the year. This allows you to display new items, and prevents any feelings of boredom from having the same surroundings year round.

Some people prefer to change their interior design around to suit the seasons, with summer pieces and winter pieces rotated throughout the year. This is great for aesthetic and practical reasons, as you can work useful items like blankets and extra pillows into your living areas for the colder months.

For Interior Decorating, Choose LP Painting & Decorating

If you’ve decided on a theme and want to get started with your interior decorating, get in touch with LP Painting & Decorating today. We can help you get your walls and floors looking perfect, ready to be accessorised.

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